Dear Ronnette,


I cannot thank you enough for taking me under your wing and training me over the past few months. You made my experience at the VA incredible! Thank you for challenging me and investing in me. I have learned so much from you. Good luck with all your future endeavors! I will keep you updated with my adventures and career!


Thank you,


Audrey Dillhoff, MSW

I am Stephanie Henderson and I've been practicing Social Work for about 5 years now. I started clinical supervision with Ms. Verna Williams in January, which is a little shy of 6 months. I was extremely reluctant to start supervision because I already felt overwhelmed in the current job. I knew that this leap of faith would take hard work and dedication... and was I right. From day one, Verna has challenged me to reach beyond my current role as a social worker. Through her guidance, she has enhanced my clinical and professional skills, my knowledge, and has increased my competency in providing quality patient care . Overall, I made the best decision to start clinical supervision. Verna is the epitome of what it takes be to a License Independent Practitioner. She loves the Social Work practice, her job, and she loves providing supervision to those who are eager to learn. Thank you so much for agreeing to mentor me through this journey. 

      Stephanie Henderson, LMSW

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